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Megan Dettenmaier

Forestry Extension Educator

Megan Dettenmaier


2006, BS Wildlife, Unity College

2012, MS Wildlife Biology, Utah State University

Publications & Presentations

Dettenmaier, M., Locklear, J.M. (2018). Start-to-Finish Techniques Regarding the Practicalities of Producing Purposeful and Impactful Webinars. Journal of Extension. (56)6, Article 6TOT2. Available at:

Dettenmaier, M., Dupéy, L.N., Kuhns, M., McAvoy, D. (in review). Evaluating Perceived Benefits of a Long-running Extension Program: Lessons from 12 Years of a Regional Restoration-based Conference. 

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Dettenmaier, M., McAvoy, D., Dupéy, L., & Kuhns, M. (2018). Reducing Hazardous Fuels to Improve Forest Health: DIY Biochar Kilns Remove Hazardous Fuels and Improve Forest Health in Utah. Utah State University Impact Report. Available at: /files/wasatch-front-biochar-kiln-impact.pdf

Dettenmaier, M. & Dupéy, L.N. (2018, February). Why “Restoring the West? Poster session presented at the Utah State University Annual Extension Conference, Thanksgiving Point, UT.

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Dupéy, L.N. & Dettenmaier, M. (2017). Bridging the (broken sidewalk) gap: What we learned about sidewalk tiles and urban tree preservation in northern Utah. Science flash talk presented at the Society of American Foresters, Albuquerque, NM. 

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Dettenmaier, M. Utah Forest News, Vol. 19, Num. 1, 2015. Articles authored: Aspen Seedlings and Western Forest Regeneration; Thinking Big about Biochar in Utah; Biochar as a tool for Land Reclamation in the Uinta Basin; Monitoring the Effects of PJ Harvest and Utilization. 

Dettenmaier, M. Utah Forest News, Vol 18, Num. 3, 2014. Articles authored: Beaver Reintroduction Looks Positive for Stream Restoration in Northern Utah; Do Pinyon Juniper Woodlands Impact Greater Sage-Grouse?

Dettenmaier, M. & Kuhns, M. Factsheet NR/FF/028 (pr). Selecting Trees for High Elevations August 2015. 

Dettenmaier, M. 2015. Taking Care of Streams and Rivers in Cache Valley.  

Dettenmaier, M. & Kuhns, M. Factsheet FR/FF/022 (pr). Preventing Deer Damage to Your Trees and Shrubs. June 2013

Dettenmaier, M., Kuhns, M. Factsheet NR/FF/024 (pr). How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Yard, December 2013. 


Heart & Hands Award 2017 | Utah Philanthropy Day

Outstanding Educational Materials Gold Award 2017 |  Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals, Video Conference, Producing Purposeful & Impactful Webinars

In the News

Muffoletto, Mary-Ann, (2015, Dec). USU Forestry Extension Uses New Sidewalk Technology to Save Trees, Utah State Today.

Cannon, Kelly, (2015, Nov.). New flexible sidewalk could save trees, Herald Journal .

Mendiola, Diego, (2015, Dec). Plastic sidewalks save real trees in Logan, Utah Public Radio.

Dettenmaier, Megan, (2014, Oct). Forestry Extension helps Develop, Demonstrate Mobile Pyrolysis Utah State Today.