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Utah Sawmills

Mills and Markets in Utah and Vicinity

Following is a list of Utah sawmills currently interested in buying logs from Utah landowners and some notes on their status. Utah sawmill update

(UFN Spring 04).

*Sawmills are listed in alphabetical order per state.


Blazzard Lumber Company,
Kamas, 435-783-4550.
Utilize Engelmann spruce, Douglas-fir, lodgepole pine, subalpine fir, and ponderosa pine
James R. and John Blazzard P.O. Box 65 Kamas UT 84036

Cox's Sawmill,
Orangeville, 435-749-5486.
Utilize subalpine fire, Douglas-fir, Engelmann spruce, and aspen Products - lumber, cribbing, custom cutting, and firewood
Dan Cox 506 North Main Street Orangeville UT 84537

Defa Sawmill, Inc.,
Tabiona, UT, 435-848-5486.
Products - house logs also have a small lumber mill
Luke Defa P.O. Box 335 Tabiona UT 84072

Fishlake Lumber Company,
Beaver, UT, 435-438-5454.
Utilize Engelmann spruce and Douglas fir
Lynn Anderson P.O. Box L 1627 N Highway 357 Beaver UT 84713

Heber Valley Logworks,
Heber City, 435-654-2712.
Buying Douglas-fir, spruce, lodgepole, prefer dead. Make log homes, railings, furniture for a Utah market.

John Larson Sawmill,
Roosevelt, UT, 435-823-7239.
Utilize all tree species - Products - mine props, etc.
Val Larson Rt 1, Box 1252 Roosevelt UT 84066

K and D Forest Products,
Panguitch, 435-676-8194.
Utilize pine and spruce.
Kevin Frandsen P.O. Box 312 Panguitch UT 84759

Knotty Wood Products,
Duchesne, UT, 801-828-5195.
Utilize standing dead - lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, and Engelmann spruce
Sam Fabrizio P.O. Box 205 Duchesne UT 84021

Middleton Timber, Inc.,
Cedar City, UT, 435-586-0202.
Utilize Douglas-fir
Jeff Middleton P.O. Box 991 Cedar City, UT 84721

Mountain Valley Timber, Inc.,
Parowan, UT, 435-590-8115,
435-477-8506. Products - firewood.
Jeff Hunter P.O. Box 1690 Parowan, UT 84761

P and J Wood Products,
Redmond, UT, 435-896-7505.
Products-Chips and Shaving of pine, Douglas-fir and some aspen.
Kelly Johnson P.O. Box 54 Redmond, UT 84652

Robinson Sawmill, Inc.,
Morgan, UT, 801-876-3190,
801-528-2909. Utilize Douglas-fir.
Wells (Butch) Robinson 6262 W. Old Highway Road Morgan, UT 84050

Sargent Timber,
Oakley, 435-783-5595.
Utilize all species - Mainly Douglas-fir, lodgepole and some subalpine fir
Paul Sargent 4467 North New Lane Oakley, UT 84055

Satterwhite Log,
Gunnison, UT, 435-528-5001.
Kelly (Log buyer 435-851-02661) Utilize dead Engelmann spruce.
Sam Satterwhite PO Box 970, 911 Highway 89 E Gunnison, UT 84634

Stevens Forest Products,
Smithfield, 435-782-5029, Any tree species.
Lee Stevens 283 East 300 South Smithfield, UT 84335

Thompson Logging,
Kamas, 435-640-3694.
All species of trees, Products - all type of lumber products
Terry Thompson P.O. Box 363 Kamas, UT 84036

Thousand Lake Lumber
(Chapell), Lyman, UT, 435-836-2426,
435-491-0426, Products - Log home kits, pellet stoves and pellets
P.O. Box 1433 1500 South Highway 24 Lyman, UT 84749

Timberline Wood Products/Sanpete Shaving Supply,
Moroni, UT, 435-241-0354,
Utilize dead Engelmann spruce, Products: shaving and firewood
Mickey Beckstead 17170 North 0750 East P.O. Box 381 Moroni, UT 84546

Torgerson Timber,
Bicknell, UT, 435-425-3184,
Ryan Torgerson 1-435-690-0629,
Utlilize Engelmann spruce, Products - rough dimensional lumber
Ryan Torgerson P.O. Box 243 215 West 200 South Bicknell, UT 84715
Vince Steinfeldt, Bluffdale, UT, 801-694-2309. Utilize Douglas-fir, Products - shaving for animal bedding
1924 West Traverse Circle Bluffdale, UT 84065

Wasatch Timber Product,
Heber City, UT, 435-654-6688.
Utilize standing dead Englemann spruce and lodgepole pine
Chip Turner 2045 S. Highway 40 Heber City, UT 84302


Ayres and Baker Pole and Post Inc.,
Mountain View, WY, 307-782-3170. Utilize lodgepole pine
Larry Ayres 1252 State Highway 414 Mountainview, WY 82939

South and Jones Timber,
Evanston, Wyoming, 307-789-2398. Utilize lodgepole pine and spruce
Burton South 955 County Road 103 Evanston, WY 82930


Jensen Lumber,
Ovid, Idaho, 208-847-0889.
Utilize white wood - Douglas-fir, Engelmann spruce, lodgepole pine, and subalpine fir
Kelly Jensen 20334 US Highway 89 Ovid, ID 83254

Yellowstone Log Homes,
Rigby, Idaho, 208-745-8108.
Yellowstone's product is log homes, milled house logs, and pre-built handcrafted houses. They also provide larger dimensions, rough cut lumber/timber. They utilize dead standing spruce, dead standing lodgepole, and over-sized Douglas-fir, green preferred.
Yellowstone Log Homes, David Youngstrom 280 N. Yellowstone Highway Rigby, ID 83442


Doug Jones Sawmill,
Grand Junction, CO, 970-243-9138.
Utilize Engelmann spruce, ponderosa pine, and Douglas-fir
Doug Jones 1441 Winters Ave. Grand Junction, CO 81501

Intermountain Resources,
Montrose, CO, 970-249-0812.

Montrose Forest Products,
Montrose, CO, 970-249-0812 Utilize all tree species, Products - stud mill
P.O. Box 1149 11925 6530 Road Montrose, CO 81402

Rocky Mountain Timber Products,
Del Norte, CO, 719-657-2401,
FAX (719-657-2401); Utilize: spruce, white fir, ponderosa pine and aspen, Products: wide variety of products
Richard and Cassandra Doyon Mailing Address: 20662 W.Hwy 160 Physical Address:11355 CntyRd 15 Del Norte, CO 81132

Strong Lumber and Speciality Log Products,
Silt, Rifle CO, 970-625-0777
Products: Lumber, log homes, and custom products
George Strong Mailing Address: P.O. Box 808 Silt, CO 81652 Physical Address: 7190 Hiwy 13 Rifle, CO 81650-9510

Western Excelsior Corp.,
Mancos, Colorado, 970-533-7412.
Buying aspen. With 125, employees this facility produces erosion control products and swamp-cooler pads. Looking into the possibility of having a remote purchase site in Utah where logs can be debarked and dried before shipping.
This list does not include every mill in the state; some declined the offer of inclusion in this article, others did not return inquiries, and still others exist without the author’s knowledge.
If you know of any other mills that are buying timber, let us know. or

Updated 8/2016