Utah Sawmills

Mills and Markets in Utah and Vicinity

Following is a list of Utah sawmills currently interested in buying logs from Utah landowners and some notes on their status. Utah sawmill update

(UFN Spring 04).

*Sawmills are listed in alphabetical order per state.



Blazzard Lumber Company, Kamas, 435-783-4550. Buying spruce and Douglas-fir. They employ about thirty people, mostly family, and take the unique approach of using the same labor to log during the summer and saw during the winter. (For more info see UFN Summer 2002.) Recently they have been sawing Douglas-fir into dimensional lumber for sheds and barns. Their products go many places, but mostly to the East.

Defa Sawmill, Inc., Tabiona, UT, 435-848-5486.

Fishlake Lumber Company, Beaver, UT, 435-438-5454.

Heber Valley Logworks, Heber City, 435-654-2712. Buying Douglas-fir, spruce, lodgepole, prefer dead. Make log homes, railings, furniture for a Utah market.

John Larson Sawmill, Roosevelt, UT, 435-823-7239.

K&D Forest Products, Panguitch, 435-676-8194. Buying aspen, pine, spruce. Employs up to 30 people, making lumber and log homes.

Knotty Wood Products, Duchesne, UT, 801-828-5195.

Middleton Timber, Inc., Cedar City, UT, 435-586-0202.

Mountain Valley Timber, Inc., Parowan, UT, 435-590-8115, 435-477-8506.

Robinson Sawmill, Inc., Morgan, UT, 801-876-3190, 801-876-3174.

Sargent Timber, Oakley, 435-783-5595. Building materials and hardware, specializes in lumber and other building materials.

Satterwhite Log, Gunnison, UT, 435-528-5001.

Stevens Forest Products, Smithfield, 435-782-5029, 435-851-0266 (Kelly, log buyer). Buying local logs; Douglas-fir, lodgepole pine, employs four people.

Thompson Logging, Kamas, 435-640-3694. Buying pine and aspen. Thompson milled eight million board feet last year with 14 employees. They ship their finished products to California, Texas, Arizona, and other states. They make dunnage (used to protect goods from damage in shipping) with the aspen they buy. As is the case with many Utah sawmills, they do a lot with the waste products, such as producing bark chips for landscaping.

Thousand Lake Lumber (Chapell), Lyman, UT, 435-836-2426.

Vince Steinfeldt, Kamas, UT, 801-694-2309.

Wasatch Timber Product, Heber City, UT, 435-654-6688, wasatchtimber.com



Ayres and Baker Pole and Post Inc., Mountain View, WY, 307-782-3170. Lumber dealer, Fencing, Poles, Posts available. 

South and Jones Timber, Evanston, Wyoming, 307-789-2398. Buying fir, spruce, lodgepole pine. Employs 50 people, mostly private timber, makes mine blocks, side lumber, pallets.



Jensen Lumber, Ovid, Idaho, 208-847-0889. Buying fir, spruce, aspen, pine. Located just north of Bear Lake, employs 38 people, produced 11 million board feet last year. In business since 1972, they ship 80 percent of their products out of the area.



Doug Jones Sawmill, Grand Junction, CO, 970-243-9138.

Intermountain Resources, Montrose, CO, 970-249-0812.

Rocky Mountain Timber Products, Del Norte, CO, 719-657-2401, www.rmtp.net.

Strong Lumber, Silt, CO, 970-625-0777.

Western Excelsior Corp., Mancos, Colorado, 970-533-7412. Buying aspen. With 125, employees this facility produces erosion control products and swamp-cooler pads. Looking into the possibility of having a remote purchase site in Utah where logs can be debarked and dried before shipping.

This list does not include every mill in the state; some declined the offer of inclusion in this article, others did not return inquiries, and still others exist without the author’s knowledge.

If you know of any other mills that are buying timber, let us know. darren.mcavoy@usu.edu or megandettenmaier@gmail.com

Updated 10/2014