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Tree Cookie Game

See if you can answer the following questions. You can print the larger images to make it easier to count rings (and keep fingerprints off your computer screen!). Colored underlined links take you to our tree term glossary

  • How old was tree A when it was cut down?_______
  • Assuming that tree A was cut down in the year 2000, what year appears to have been a better than average growing season?_______
  • Which cookie has dark brown heartwood?_______
  • Which cookie is from a tree that had two trunks?_______
  • Which cookie had five branches connected to the trunk just below where it was cut?_______
  • Which cookie was exposed to the most fires in its life?_______
  • How many years old was tree D when it was last injured by a fire?_______
  • Which tree was suffering from disease?_______

View the answers to the Tree Cookie Game.

Click here to see a labeled cross section of a tree trunk on our What Is A Tree? page.

Tree Cookie A

Tree Cookie B

Tree Cookie C

Tree Cookie D

Tree Cookie E

Tree Cookie F