Pines 2

    Pines 2


    Key to the Trees of Logan Canyon


    Are the needles mainly clustered in twos, 1" to 3" long; with the cones unsymmetrical, often remaining closed and attached to the tree for many years, the scales armed with a sharp spine? It is a lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta).

    Lodgepole pine illustration


    Lodgepole pine cone

    Are the needles clustered in twos and threes on the same tree, 4" to 7" long? Is the tree found throughout the West? Clue: these are not native in Logan Canyon, but there are plantings at the Tony Grove turn-off and elsewhere. These are also native to mountainous areas in much of the rest of Utah. It is a ponderosa pine(Pinus ponderosa).

    Ponderosa pine illustration

    Ponderosa pine cones


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