Tim Benedict

    Tim Benedict

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    Tim Benedict

    Restoration from the Role of a District Ranger

    Tim Benedict, District Ranger, Lewis and Clark National Forest, White Sulphur Springs, Montana, Aspen

    How do you get an aspen management program started from scratch? How do we take science and turn it into management? Aspen has declined by 64% in Montana (Jodie Canfield, PowerPoint presentation, 2004). The aspen sites on our district serve as unique sites of diversity and have been neglected for many decades. By developing partnerships with research, peers, and other ranger districts we can start building a successful program. Start with what you have to work; that may be a low budget and volunteers but at least you get started. Try new approaches and use known methods of fencing and prescribed fire that deliver results. On the White Sulphur Springs Ranger District we are starting to develop some ideas to sprout our aspen management program.

    Click here for Tim's paper, A District Ranger’s Perspective on Aspen Restoration.
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