Genny Wilson

    Genny Wilson

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    Genny WilsonNevada Aspen Working Group: Focusing on aspen

    Genny Wilson, USFS: Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Sparks, Nevada

    Recognizing that knowledge of aspen is limited in Nevada, the Nevada Aspen Working group was formed in summer 2005. This small working group is comprised of individuals from State and Federal agencies in addition to non-governmental organizations with an interest in the restoration and persistence of aspen across Nevada. The primary goals of the group are to determine the overall distribution, condition, and stressors on aspen in Nevada. Our mission is to provide land managers, private landowners and others the tools to recognize declining aspen conditions, identify issues related to aspen management and apply appropriate methods to restore aspen. Over the past year, the group has focused on establishing a common data depository; education; gaining a common understanding of the issues affecting aspen in Nevada; and identifying additional partners who have funding and the ability to do work on the ground. The Nevada Aspen Working Group is assisting the Society of Range Management in sponsoring a ½ day technical session in Reno-Sparks, Nevada in February 2007.


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