Cross-laminated timber, what's all the fuss?



    Speakers: Darren McAvoy, Extension Assistant Professor of Forestry, Utah State University
    Jerry Goodspeed, Director Kaysville Botanical Center
    Steve Shrader, Euclid Timber Frames
    Van Lewis, Method Studio

    In 2015, Utah State University was awarded a Wood Innovations Grant from the USDA Forest Service which is currently funding the design process for the first-of-its-kind cross-laminated timber building in Utah. Cross-laminated timber has been making the news lately - it’s growing popularity has piqued the interest of builders, educators, scientists and consumers as an alternative to traditional building materials such as concrete, masonry and steel. Extension Assistant Professor, Darren McAvoy will discuss the impact that beetle-killed trees are having in the intermountain west, as well as the ecological benefits to utilizing these impacted trees. Utah State University Botanical Center Director, Jerry Goodspeed will introduce the vision for the cross-laminated timber building, as well as discuss the niche it will fill for the community (the building will be constructed at the USU Botanical Center in Kaysville). Euclid Timber CEO, Steve Shrader will offer his perspective on the market for this product, as well as discuss some of the hurdles he’s had to overcome with this new technology. Method Studio Architecture Firm will offer their take on this project (complete with a simulated fly-through of the building) from a design perspective and understand how they brought the vision for this unique structure to life.

    Sponsored by: USU Forestry Extension, USU Botanical Center, Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, Euclid Timber Frames, Method Studio.