Do-It-Yourself Tips - Webcast

    Ten Do-it-yourself Tips for Maintaining your Family Forestland


    On January 28, 2010 at 3:00 pm MDT, USU Forestry Extension Associate Darren McAvoy presented a webcast on simple things forest landowners can do to improve the health of their forests. For most landowners, having a logger or other contractor working on their land is a rare event. But what can you do yourself, without the help of a logger or forester? Here are some tips to help you to continue the active stewardship of your property with simple tools. In this webcast, McAvoy covered 10 subjects:

    1. Property Boundary Maintenance
    2. Hazard Tree Assessment and Removal
    3. Insect and Disease Control
    4. Weed Control
    5. Fuelbreaks
    6. Slash Disposal
    7. Riparian Restoration
    8. Road Maintenance
    9. Tree Planting
    10. Permits and Regulations
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