Interior West FIA - Webcast

    Interior West FIA - Webcast

    U.S. Forest Service Interior West FIA 2010 User Group Online Meeting

    On April 13, the Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis (IW-FIA) program of the U.S. Forest Service held their 2010 User Group meeting online, in cooperation with USU Forestry Extension. The IW-FIA program holds annual User Group meetings to update stakeholders and data users on IW-FIA operations and other FIA news.  These meetings are usually held at various locations across the Interior West. This year IW-FIA attempted to reach a wider audience and save our users' travel costs by holding the meeting as a webcast.  We hope this format worked well for our audience, and we encourage feedback about the event.

    Click here for the meeting agenda.

    Recordings of the meeting are available below:

    Status of the Program - Michael Wilson

    New Protocols Update - John Shaw

    New Projects - John Shaw

    Mortality Update - Mike Thompson

    First Results from DWM Analysis - Larry DeBlander

    Other New Projects - Zach Holden

    Projecting Changes in Western Conifers Under a Changing Climate - Tom Edwards

    NLCD 2011 Tree Canopy Product - Tracey Frescino

    Product Carbon Accounting - Todd Morgan

    Analysis of Panel Data - Ray Czaplewski

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