Interior West FIA Webcast 2012

    Interior West FIA Webcast 2012

    U.S. Forest Service Interior West FIA 2012 User Group Online Meeting

    On May 16, 2012 the Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis (IW-FIA) program of the U.S. Forest Service held their 2012 User Group meeting  live and online, in cooperation with USU Forestry Extension. The IW-FIA program holds annual User Group meetings to update stakeholders and data users on IW-FIA operations and other FIA news.  These meetings are usually held at various locations across the Interior West. This year IW-FIA attempted to reach a wider audience and save users' travel costs by holding the meeting live and as a webcast.  We hope this format worked well for our audience, and we encourage feedback about the event.

    Agenda and Recording Links
    Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis (IW-FIA) Program
    User Group Meeting
    May 16, 2012

    8:00 Introduction – Michael Wilson (starts at 0 minutes)
        • Outcome of the National User Group Meeting (P3, estimation, cost savings)
        • National FIA Implementation (status, budget, strategic planning, issues)
        • IW-FIA Status and Future – Strategic Planning
        • P3 – What’s Going On and Where Do We Go with It in the Interior West

    9:00 Field Data Collection Status and Issues – Bob Rhoads (advance to 50:00)
    9:15 FIA Information Management – Troy Heithecker (advance to 1:14:00)
        • Overview, Migration, Future of FIA Information Management

    9:30 Inventory Results Reporting – John Shaw (advance to 1:27:30)
        • Where Are We and Where Are We Going with the 5-year Reports
        • Introduction to Utah Report Development Process 
        • What Are the Current WEST-WIDE Resource Issues

    9:50 Economic Impact on Western Forest Industry – Colin Sorenson (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, U. Montana) (advance to 1:48:25)

    10:30 Overview of Tools to Use FIA Data 
        • FIDO (FIA’s national data delivery system) – Jim Menlove (start at 0 minutes)
        • Evalidator (another FIA national on-line tool for the power user) – Jim Menlove 
        • FIEstA  (Forest Inventory Estimation and Analysis tool enabling more flexible estimates of forest attributes in R) Tracey
           Frescino (advance to 50:00)

    1:00 FIA Estimation, Analysis, and Science – Part One
        • A New Approach for Addressing Non-response with the New Mexico Prototype –   Sara Goeking (start at 0 minutes)
        • Integrating Time Series of Landsat Imagery into FIA’s Estimation Process – Gretchen Moisen  (advance to 21:50)
        • Adding Value to the FIA Inventory with Satellite-based Observations of Forest Disturbance –
           Todd Schroeder (advance to 37:50)
        • ForCaMF – a Forest Carbon Management Framework for NFS – Alicia Peduzzi (advance to 1:02:50)

    2:40 FIA Estimation, Analysis, and Science – Part Two
        • Finer-scale Reconstructions of Climatic Patterns Using Increment Core Sample Data –
           Justin DeRose (start at 0 minutes)
        • Attaching Climate Data and Other Ancillary Data to FIA plots –Chuck Werstak (advance to 21:00)
        • FVS Validation – John Shaw (20 minutes) (advance to 41:30)

    3:40 Wrap-up – Michael Wilson (advance to 1:14:45)
    USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station