Soil Basics And How Utah Is Adapting


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    On February 25, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. MDT, USU Forestry Extension hosted the fourteenth  "Learn at Lunch" webinar. Douglas Merkler and Shawn Freedberg presented information about the basics of soil science and innovations in using soils for healthy street trees.

    Soil science can help us better understand the growing challenges for trees across the Intermountain West and within built environments. With this understanding, we can make installation decisions that address specific issues and promote plant success. During this presentation Doug Merkler will present the ins-and-outs of soil.  He will provide a baseline picture of what to expect underground in our region and why. Then, Shawn Freedberg will showcase a few Utah projects that have used Silva Cell technology to maximize soil conditions and encourage healthy, long term, tree growth.

    Doug Merkler
    Shawn Freedberg