Utah Canopy Cover Mapping

    Utah Canopy Cover Mapping

    Utah Canopy Cover Mapping - Turning Assessment into Action

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    On October 22, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. MDT, USU Forestry Extension hosted the first "Learn at Lunch" webinar. Chris McGinty, director of the USU Remote Sensing/GIS Laboratory and Ian Hanou, Owner and Principal of Plan-it Geo presented information about using tools to map urban tree cover.

    We can now tell a lot about the urban forest without leaving our desk. Using current technology, aerial imagery and evolving research Utah State University Remote Sensing/GIS Lab has been working to map urban canopy cover across the state. This data not only shows tree locations and canopy cover percentages but it can also be instrumental in future management decisions and in estimating tree benefits. During this hour you will hear from Chris McGinty about USU's data collection process and what information is available to you right now. But, sometimes raw data can be intimidating and limited, so we have invited Ian Hanou to showcase his experience developing practical applications for canopy cover data. Together these seasoned professionals will engage you in the excitement and potential impact of urban tree canopy cover mapping in Utah.


    Chris McGinty
    Ian Hanou