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Contining Education Credits FAQs

Because we offer CEU accreditation free of charge, and due to the large number of attendees at our Learn at Lunch Webinars, we will no longer be administering CEUs to attendees (post-webinar) that do not follow the directions outlined on the Zoom Registration page for webinars. We apologize for any hardship this may cause some viewers.

If you would like 1 CEU, and you follow the directions on the registration page, you will be awarded 1 CEU from the accreditation institution of your choice (or you may receive a letter of certification to submit on your own).

The objective of these Learn at Lunch Webinars is to deliver pertinent, timely urban and rural forestry webinars on topics that are important and relevant to our audience. We offer these webinars and CEUs freely to attendees.

1) Qu
: How do I get CEUs (or a certificate of attendance) for attending the webinar?

A: You will need to register for the webinar using the registration link, and enter the information regarding your CEU certification identification number on the Zoom registration page. Please note: this is a different practice than what we have done in the past.

You can receive 1 CEU for attending the webinar, from ONE organization, OR you can receive a certificate of attendance that you can turn in to the accreditation institution of your choice. Depending on the subject, some webinars have CEUs available from ISA, SAF, only. Some webinars will have CEUs available from other organizations. All of this information is available on the webinar registration page. Please note, you may only select ONE organization to receive credit from. USU will submit the attendence sheet to the accreditation institution of your choice. If you opt to receive a letter of attendance, that will be emailed to you within one week of the webinar. If you fill out your information on the registration page completely and attend the webinar, there is nothing else you will need to do to get credit for attending. 

2) Qu: I forgot to enter my CEU identification information on the webinar registration page. Can I still get CEUs if I email you my information?

A: No. The CEU policy is clearly outlined on the Zoom Registration page, and at the top of this page. Here is an example of where to look on the Zoom registration page (yellow box):

ceu example

3) Qu: Can I get CEUs for watching the webinar recording? (i.e. not “live”)

A: Unfortunately not, it would be impossible to monitor this, both logistically and ethically. The only way to get CEUs is to watch the webinar live. 

4) Qu: I watched the webinar months ago – why have the CEUs not shown up on my account?(!)

A: It can take up to 8 weeks for CEUs to show up on your account (from the date of submittal). The CEU attendance sheet is submitted (by USU) one week after each webinar. If you haven’t received credit for the webinar after this timeframe (9 weeks post-webinar), please email to make sure you were on the list. If you attended the webinar, AND you entered your CEU information on the webinar registration page, you should email the accrediation organization that you want CEUs from to inquire on the status of your CEU credit:

5) Qu: I watched from a colleague’s computer and I still need to get CEUs. Is this possible?

A: No problem, but you need to do the following 2 things:

  1. Register for the webinar – be sure to enter your CEU information on the registration page
  2. Email Megan ( within one week of the webinar stating that you watched from “insert name” (s) computer, and you would like CEUs.