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New Webinar Series

Tired of the standard PowerPoint lecture on Zoom? Looking for a more engaging way to interact with people doing fascinating work? Join Darren McAvoy and Gabrielle Harden of Utah State University Forestry Extension as they host a new monthly series, Wildland Stories, a talk-show format webinar. This series will be interview based; engaging the personalities that specialize in understanding the natural world that surrounds us. We want you to meet and get to know the people whose passions have brought them to these fields of study and management. Each episode will feature a different specialist; we will interview them to learn more about their craft and what drives their passion.

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Bringing Maple Syrup Production to the Interior West

Bringing Maple Syrup Production to the Interior West


Maple syrup, which is commonly produced in Canada and the northeastern United States, is a household staple. It is made by boiling sap that is collected from maple trees, namely the sugar maple (Acer saccharum). The production of maple syrup is highly dep...

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