Utah Forest Products Directory

    Utah Forest Products Directory

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    The Utah Forest Products Directory is now online at www.utahforestproducts.org . The directory is a resource for businesses and individuals involved in the sale and manufacture of forest products and services in Utah. Those needing products can browse through the directory, new businesses can log in and get added to the database, and existing businesses can check and update their information. This is a directory not only of businesses that are primary producers (sawmills, etc.). It also includes businesses that make finished products like furniture shops, cabinet makers, and the like. Forestry service providers (like loggers, custom processors, etc.) also are included. If the business involves a forest product or service, we want it included.

    The directory was created by Utah State University Extension Forestry (with helpful funding from USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry), and is meant to connect Utah businesses that deal in forest products and services with customers.

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