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Restoring the West: Aspen Restoration

September 12-13, 2006, Utah State University, Logan, Utah |

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General Session - September 12, 2006

Wayne D. Shepperd John Guyon

Massive aspen die-off in the western U.S.: What is going on? Wayne D. Shepperd, Research Silviculturist, USDA-FS Rocky Mountain Research Station
John Guyon, Pathologist, USDA-FS State and Private Forestry

Charles Kay
The impact of native ungulates and livestock on western aspen communities Charles Kay, Adjunct Associate Professor, USU Political Science Department

Ron Ryel
Water relations and water yield in aspen and conifer forests Ron Ryel, Associate Professor, USU Department of Wildland Resources
Eric LaMalfa, USUDepartment of Wildland Resources
Please note, only the first 5 minutes or so of this recording are available, due to technical issues.

Andreas Leidolf
Wildlife issues related to aspen decline and restoration Andreas Leidolf, Assistant Professor, Westminster College (Missouri)
Ron Ryel, USU Department of Wildland Resources

Bob Campbell
Aspen restoration efforts on the Fishlake National Forest: Lessons learned Robert B. Campbell, Fishlake National Forest
Allen V. Henningson, Fishlake National Forest
Dale Bartos, USDA FS Rocky Mountain Research Station

Joseph O. Sexton
Habitone analysis of quaking aspen in the Book Cliffs of Utah: Effects of site water demand and conifers on aspen cover Joseph O. Sexton, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Duke University
R. Douglas Ramsey, USU Department of Wildland Resources
Dale L. Bartos, USDA FS Rocky Mountain Research Station

Karen Mock
Using genetic tools in western aspen ecology, conservation, and management Karen Mock, Associate Professor, USU Wildland Resources Department
Carol Rowe, USU Wildland Resources Department

Genny E. Wilson
The Nevada Aspen Working Group Genny E. Wilson, Wildlife Biologist, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Steve Schmidt
The Eastern Idaho Aspen Working Group Steve Schmidt, Regional Supervisor, Idaho Fish and Game

Logan Canyon Aspen Restoration Field Trip

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

View the field trip agenda and map (pdf).
View Tony Kusbach's handout on Franklin Basin ecological monitoring (pdf).

Other Information

Ecology, Biodiversity, Management, and Restoration of Aspen in the Sierra Nevada

By Wayne D. Shepperd, Paul C. Rogers, David Burton, and Dale L. Bartos (pdf). This report was recently published in September 2006 by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station. It synthesizes existing information on the ecology and management of aspen in the Sierra Nevada of California and surrounding environs. It also summarizes available information on aspen throughought North America from published literature, internal agency reports, and experienced scientists and managers.

Aspen: Ecology and Management in the Western United States

By Norbert V. DeByle and Robert P. Winokur, editors. August 1985. This report provides detailed information about the biology, ecology, and management of quaking aspen in the interior western United States.

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