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Restoring the West: Sustaining Forests, Woodlands, and Communities Through Biomass Use

October 18-19, 2011, Utah State University, Logan, Utah |

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | Plenary Session

Mike Dudley
Biomass Utilization: A Tool for Forest Restoration Mike Dudley, Director of State and Private Forestry, Regions One and Four, USDA Forest Service, Ogden, Utah

Jay O'Laughlin
Towards a Cohesive Federal Policy on Wood Bioenergy Jay O'Laughlin, Professor of Forestry and Policy Sciences, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

Daniel R. Simon
Energy Regulatory Policies Encouraging Biomass Power in the West Daniel R. Simon, Partner, Ballard Spahr, Washington D.C.

Mark Knaebe
Woody Biomass Utilization Update for Natural Resource Managers Mark Knaebe, Natural Resource Specialist, State and Private Forestry Technology Marketing Unit, USFS Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin

Ecological Considerations Break-out Session

Peter Weisberg
Can Biomass Use in Pinyon Juniper Woodlands be Considered Ecological Restoration? Peter Weisberg, Associate Professor Landscape Ecology, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada

Douglas Shinneman
Pinyon Juniper Restoration Ecology: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities of Biomass Harvesting in the Southwest Douglas Shinneman, Supervisory Research Fire Ecologist, Forest and Rangeland Ecosystems Science Center, USGS, Boise, Idaho

Douglas Page
Silviculture for Pinyon Juniper Ecosystems Douglas H. Page, Southwest Utah Zone Forester, BLM, Cedar City, Utah

Woody Biomass Utilization Break-out Session

Jared Abodeely
The Economics of Biomass Jared Abodeely, Research Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Gilbert Miller
Biomass Business Principles of Success Gil Miller, Economic Associates of Utah, Board Member Rural Life Foundation, Corinne, Utah

Dusty Moller
Marketing Strategies for Biomass Utilization Dusty Moller, Wood Utilization Manager, Business Environmental Program, Small Business Development Center, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada

Christopher Wright
New Developments in the World of Biomass Utilization Christopher Wright, Senior Research Engineer, Biofuels and Renewable Energy, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Plenary Session

Mary Mitsos
Collaboration Successes Around the West and Why Collaboration is Important Mary Mitsos, Vice President for Conservation Programs, National Forest Foundation, Missoula, Montana

Lance Lindbloom
What Works for Biomass Harvesting in Pinyon Juniper Lance Lindbloom, Owner, Bloomin Ranch Services, Beaver, Utah

Jeremy Drew
The Need for PJ Restoration in Eastern Nevada Jeremy Drew, Resource Specialist, Resource Concepts Inc., Carson City, Nevada

Ecological Considerations Break-out Session

Chad Davis
Biomass Energy: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees Chad Davis, Forest Stewardship Program Director, Sustainable Northwest, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Steve Larson
Native Utah Grasses for Biomass Steve Larson, Research Geneticist, Forage and Range Research Laboratory, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Logan, Utah

Brent Mitchell
Modeling Biomass and Canopy Fuel Attributes Using LIDAR Technology Brent Mitchell, Remote Sensing Analyst, USDA Forest Service, Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC), Salt Lake City, Utah

Bioenergy Break-out Session

Anthony Turhollow
Billion Ton Report Anthony Turhollow, Economist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Logan, Utah

Dallas Hanks
Bioenergy 101 Dallas Hanks, Director, Center for Agronomic and Woody Biomass, Utah State University Extension, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mark Knaebe
Viable Bioenergy Options Mark Knaebe, Natural Resource Specialist, State and Private Forestry Technology Marketing Unit, USFS Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin

Biochar Break-out Session

David Shearer
Biochar Basics David Shearer, CEO/Co-founder, Full Circle Solutions, San Francisco, California

David Shearer
Land Reclamation and Restoration David Shearer for John Gaunt, Director, Keysoil Ltd., Hertfordshire, UK

Mark Coleman
Biochar and Forest Ecology Mark Coleman, Associate Professor of Forest Resources, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

Ecology Break-out Session

Justin DeRose
Exploring the Biomass Accumulation Possibilities from Active Forest Management in Utah Forest Types Justin DeRose, Research Ecologist, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Ogden, UT

Sara Goeking
Regional Trends in Standing Forest Biomass in the Interior West Sara Goeking, Biological Scientist, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Ogden, Utah

Bob Zybach
Restoring Fire and People to the Land: The 2010 South Umpqua Study Bob Zybach, Program Manager, Oregon Websites and Watersheds Project, Inc., Eugene, Oregon

Bioenergy Break-out Session

Angela Farr
Fuels for Schools Angela Farr, Regional Biomass Utilization Coordinator, Regions 1 and 4, USDA Forest Service, Missoula, Montana

Nii Ofei Mante
Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals - Pyrolysis and Gasification Nii Ofei Mante, Visiting Research Scholar, Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Jon Lear
Sanpete Valley Clean Energy Project Jon Lear, Lear & Lear Law Offices, Salt Lake City, Utah

Plenary Session

Collaboration Panel
Collaboration Panel Moderator Ellen Drew, Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Mary Mitsos, National Forest Foundation
Mary O'Brien, Grand Canyon Trust
Bob Swandby, Payette Forest Coalition and Wood Utilization Partnership
Doug Martin, Nevada Tahoe Conservation District

Jay O'Laughlin
The Forestry/Bioenergy/Carbon Connection Jay O'Laughlin, Professor of Forestry and Policy Sciences, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

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USU Department of Wildland Resources
USU College of Natural Resources
USU Ecology Center
US Forest Service State & Private Forestry
USU Extension Forestry
Western Aspen Alliance
Utah Biomass Resources Group
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USDA Rural Development
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