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Restoring the West: Balancing Energy Development and Biodiversity

October 30-31, 2012, Utah State University, Logan, Utah |

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Tuesday Session - October 30, 2012

Terry Messmer
There are No Civilians: Species-at-Risk and Energy Development Terry Messmer, Utah State University Extension

Cody Stewart
Utah’s Leadership in Balancing Energy Development and Conservation Cody Stewart, Energy Advisor to Utah Governor Gary Hebert

Jonathan Haufler
Strategies and Metrics for Mitigating Impacts of Energy Development on Biodiversity Jonathan Haufler, Executive Director, Ecosystem Management Research Institute

Scot Donato
Energy and Wildlife – Investments in Conservation Scot Donato, Manager of Governmental Affairs, Bill Barrett Corporation

Jeffrey L. Beck
Research Provides Answers to Mitigate Impacts of Energy Development to Wildlife Jeffrey L. Beck, University of Wyoming, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Pete Morton
Phased Energy Development and the Precautionary Principle: Good for Critters and Communities Pete Morton, Former Director of Economic Research, The Wilderness Society

Jon P. Beckmann
Changes in Pronghorn Use of a Natural Gas Field in Greater Yellowstone Jon P. Beckmann, Conservation Ecologist, Wildlife Conservation Society

Steve Bloch
Energy Development and Wilderness Preservation as Compatible Goals Steve Bloch, Energy Director, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Janice Thomson
Projecting Wildlife Impacts Before Oil and Gas Development Janice Thomson, Assistant Vice President for Landscape Analysis, The Wilderness Society

Wednesday Session - October 31, 2012

Bob Budd
Sage-Grouse and Energy Development Bob Budd, Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust

Bill James
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ Approach to Impact Analysis and Mitigation Bill James, Energy Development / NEPA Coordinator, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Gregg Servheen
Towards a West Wide Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (CHAT) Gregg Servheen, Wildlife Program Coordinator, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Sarah L. Clark
The Effect of Energy Development on Rare Plant Fecundity in the Piceance Basin, Colorado Sarah L. Clark, Utah State University Department of Biology
James P. Pitts, Utah State University Department of Biology

A. Cheyenne Burnett
Unique Habitat Use in a Fringe Greater Sage-Grouse Population A. Cheyenne Burnett, Utah State University Department of Wildland Resources
S. Nicole Frey, Utah State University Department of Wildland Resources

Matthew B. Lewis
Dust Deposition from Unpaved Roads is Correlated with Decreased Reproduction of an Endangered Utah Endemic Shrub Matthew B. Lewis, Utah State University Department of Wildland Resources
Eugene W. Schupp, Utah State University Department of Wildland Resources
Thomas A. Monaco, Utah State University Department of Wildland Resources

Brooke Bell
Greater Natural Buttes: One Model for Stakeholder Cooperation Brooke Bell, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Anadarko Petroleum

Mark Raymond
Responsible Use of Public Lands Mark Raymond, Uintah County Commissioner

Temis Taylor
Mixing Oil Shale and Water Rights: A Case Study in Western Colorado Temis Taylor, PhD Candidate, Department of Environment and Society, Utah State University

Allison Jones
Best Management Practices for Solar and Wind Energy Development: A Conservationist’s Guide Allison Jones, Wild Utah Project
Emanuel Vasquez, Wild Utah Project
Amy O'Connor, Wild Utah Project

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