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Restoring the West: Change Agents and Managing for Forest Resilience

October 16-17, 2013, Utah State University, Logan, Utah |

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Greg Aplet
Managing for resilience through a “portfolio approach” to reducing climate risk Greg Aplet, Senior Director of Ecology, The Wilderness Society, Denver, Colorado

Dominik Kulakowski
The consequences of changing disturbance regimes for quaking aspen in the western U.S. Dominik Kulakowski, Associate Professor, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

Simon Landhausser
The role of plant species selection in the rebuilding of resilient forest ecosystems after severe disturbance Simon Landhausser, Professor and Industry Research Chair in Forest Land Reclamation, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Paul Rogers
The many faces of quaking aspen: Biogeography meets resilience management Paul Rogers, Director, Western Aspen Alliance, Logan, Utah

Jesse Morris
Long-term vegetation and disturbance trends in the subalpine ecosystems of the Colorado Plateau Jesse Morris, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho and Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Simon Wang
Predominant drought cycles in the Intermountain West S.-Y. Simon Wang, Assistant Professor of Climate, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

James Lutz
Restoring what? Pattern, process, and large longitudinal data sets James Lutz, Assistant Professor, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Mary Lou Fairweather
Mary Lou Fairweather, Plant Pathologist, Arizona Zone Forest Health Protection, USDA Forest Service, Flagstaff, Arizona

Andrew Kulmatiski
Plant water use: Implications for climate change, competition, fire dynamics and biosphere-atmosphere interactions Andrew Kulmatiski, Assistant Professor, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Mark Brunson
Managing for social-ecological resilience: A dimly lit path to a bright future? Mark Brunson, Professor & Department Head, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Rob Addington
From principles to practice: Restoring dry, frequent-fire forests in the face of global change along Colorado's Front Range Rob Addington, Research Associate, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Kristen Pelz
Is there a case for restoration to regenerate subalpine forests following bark beetle-caused mortality? Kristen Pelz, Graduate Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Steve Daniels
A collaborative approach to resilience: The Monroe Mountain Working Group Steve Daniels, Professor and Extension Community Development Specialist, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Justin Britton
Evaluation of treatment success in Populus tremuloides: Implications for management Justin Britton, M.S. Research Assistant, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Jamie Laatsch
USDA Forest Service's perspectives on forest management in a changing climate Jamie Laatsch, M.S. Research Assistant, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Emily Platt
Institutional resilience of the U.S. Forest Service Emily Platt, PhD Candidate, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon

James Long
Seedlings and suckers, stands and clones - so you think you know aspen? James Long, Professor, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Joe Wheaton
Beaver: Restoration liaison between riparian and upland systems Joe Wheaton, Assistant Professor and Fluvial Geomorphologist, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Jessica Clement
Climate change and avoiding a climate of fear Jessica Clement, Research Scientist and Program Director, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

Matthew Bekker
Reconstruction of extreme drought from tree rings for Wasatch Front risk management Matthew Bekker, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

Karen Mock
Triploidy in western aspen Karen Mock, Associate Professor, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

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