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Restoring the West: Managing Water by Managing Land

October 8-9, 2019, Utah State University, Logan, Utah |



Laura Briefer
Keynote: A Headwaters Story: the Past, Present, and Future of Salt Lake County’s Wasatch Watersheds

Laura Briefer, Director for Salt Lake City City Department of Public Utilities

 Katelyn Driscoll
Riparian and groundwater-dependent ecosystems of Utah’s National Forests: Assessment of management issues and current conditions

Katelyn Driscoll, Research Ecologist, Rocky Mountain Research Station, U.S. Forest Service

Ethan Linck
Confluence for Success: Uniting Policy, Partnerships, and Restoration for Lasting Wins

Abby Burk, Western Rivers Regional Program Manager, Audubon Rockies, Colorado

Laurel Glidden
Uranium mining in the Grand Canyon watershed: risks and challenges

David Kreamer, Professor, Hydrology, Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada

Leigh Kuwanwisiwma
Developing partnerships to conserve watersheds

Alan Wood, Science Program Supervisor, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Montana

Weston Toll
The Upper South Platte Partnership – A Landscape Watershed Health Collaborative

Weston Toll, Watershed Program Specialist, Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado

 Collin Haffey
The Rio Grande Water Fund, Five Years In

Collin Haffey, Conservation Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy, New Mexico

Ben Cate
Fighting Fire with Finance: Applying the Forest Resilience Bond in the Tahoe National Forest

Nick Wobbrock, Co-Founder & Partner at Blue Forest Conservation Group, California

Evan Glenn
Managing Riverscapes for Resilience of Water Resources

Joe Wheaton, Associate Professor, Department of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University

Kelly Pohl
Recreation in Municipal Watersheds: Challenges, Opportunities, and Best Practices

Kelly Pohl, Policy Director, Headwaters Economics, Montana

Jason Willis
Mine reclamation in the Mary Ellen Gulch watershed near Snowbird, Utah using in-situ phytostabilization techniques

Jason Willis, Colorado Abandoned Mine Land Program Manager, Trout Unlimited, Colorado

Toni Ruth
What is Shared Stewardship and how it can effect land management?

Elise Boeke, Acting Director of Planning for the Intermountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service

Derek Scasta
Taking Restoration to the Road

Charlie Luce, Research Hydrologist, US Forest Service, Idaho

Ecosystem- service based water and fire management in the Santa Fe municipal watershed, New Mexico, USA

Alan Hook, Water Resources Analyst at City of Santa Fe Water Division, Santa Fe, NM

Casey Spackman
Seasonal Snow Modeling and Citizen Science in Remote, Data-limited Mountain Environments

Ryan Crumley, Ph.D. Candidate, Water Resources Graduate Program, Oregon State University

Sara Goeking
Reciprocal Watershed Agreements: Understanding the Human Dimensions of Watershed Management in the Rio Grande-Valles Cruzeños of Boliva

Will Munger, PhD Student, Department of Environment & Society, Utah State University, Utah

Nancy Brunswick
Impacts of Drought and the Outbreak of Proliferative Kidney Disease on Recreation Angling in the Yellowstone River Watershed

Chase Lamborn, Research Associate & PhD Student, Department of Environment and Society, Utah State University

 Sasha Stortz
Using fire to build soil carbon and water holding capacity

Deborah S. Page-Dumroese, Research Soil Scientist, US Forest Service, Idaho

Diane Tanner
Dirt Goes Downhill: Advances in Postfire Assessment and Erosion Mitigation

Pete R. Robichaud, Research Engineer, US Forest Service, Idaho

Ann Moser
Boundary-Spanning to Collectively Manage Wildfire Risk in the West

Heidi Huber-Stearns, Assistant Research Professor, Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

 Rose McKinney-James
Keynote: Ecohydrologic impacts of conservation practices and disturbances on western rangelands

Jason Williams, Research Hydrologist, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Arizona