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Restoring the West: Wildland Soils and Aspen Restoration and Management

October 6-7, 2020, Virtual |


 October 6, 2020 - Wildland Soils

Restoring Western Soils: Successes and Challenges in Biological Soil Crust Restoration

Nichole Barger, Professor, University of Colorado


Wildfire Effects on Nitrogen Cycling and Export in Dryland Watersheds

Erin Hanan, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno


Organic Matter in Forest Restoration and Soil Health

James Archuleta, Regional Biomass and Wood Innovation Coordinator (OR & WA), United States Forest Service

 October 7, 2020 - Aspen Restoration and Management

The Role of Climate and Fire in Shaping Aspen Forests of the Great Basin: Altered Dynamics and Management Challenges 

Douglas J. Shinneman, Supervisory Research Fire Ecologist, United States Geological Survey


Advances in Aspen Regeneration Ecology
Mark Kreider, Ecology M.S. Student, Utah State University

Aspen Treatments in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Shelly Deisch, Senior Wildlife Biologist and Public Lands Liaison, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks
David Mallett, Habitat Biologist, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks