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Key to Trees of Logan Canyon

To use this key, click on the image that best fits the description of the tree you are trying to identify. Although this is generally a dichotomous key, you will occasionally have three choices. Throughout the key, the most important diagnostic characteristics are bold. When the key brings you to a species, click on the link for more information about the tree you have identified. Start by clicking on the image that represents the leaf type of the tree you are keying out.

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Does the tree have leaves that are needle-like and are usually evergreen?

Does the tree have leaves that are small, scale-like or awl-shaped and hug the twig; and fruit that is berry-like, often with a whitish, waxy covering? These are junipers.

Does the tree have leaves that are broad and thin, and are deciduous (do not stay green or stay on the tree over winter) or evergreen?


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