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Utah Prescribed Fire Council Mission

The mission of the Utah Prescribed Fire Council is to serve as a forum for prescribed fire practitioners at all levels of government, academic institutions, tribes, coalitions, and interested individuals. This Council will work collaboratively to promote, protect, conserve, and expand the responsible use of fire across Utah’s landscape to meet both private and public land management objectives.

The Council will serve as a venue for land managers, stakeholders, and others concerned about fire so that they may work together to:

1. Provide a forum for discussion on prescribed fire practices, regulations, and policy to inform and promote the safe and responsible use of prescribed fire in Utah.
2. Promote understanding and awareness of the shared benefits and risks of prescribed fire and the role of fire in Utah ecosystems.
3. Conduct education and advocacy for techniques and policy regarding smoke management.
4. Protect, promote, and enhance the ability to use fire safely and responsibly as a land management tool.
5. Support development of expanded resources and expertise in prescribed fire by sharing technical and ecological information.
6. Promote safety, training, and research in the art and science of prescribed fire.
7. Suggest course of action to anticipate prescribed fire issues and concerns.
8. Aid in developing policy and regulations at the national, state, and local levels as they relate to prescribed fire in Utah.